You can find audio, video, program notes and other background information about my music in these pages. I’ve created individual pages for my music since 2007, mostly because I have better documentation for the pieces (a fact for which I’m grateful!). The pieces listed on the “Older Works” page are from my time as a graduate student at Pitt. It’s interesting to me to see what has remained constant in my work going back as far as 1996–97 when I entered the MA program: a fascination for the spoken word, a penchant for blending different styles, a tendency to create works that have a single “affect”… In any case, thanks for looking and listening and let me know what you think.


Separate Self

Kecow hit tamen

The Dust Project

The Final Battle for Love

Virgil Cantini: the Artist in Public (film score)


Older Works

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