IonSound Project premiered this piece March 21, 2008 at Bellefield Hall Auditorium, University of Pittsburgh. The video below is from their second performance, also at Bellefield Hall, and features choreography by KnotDance.

Trouble is based on a Gradual for the Second Sunday of Lent (LU 546) The troubles of my heart are multiplied: deliver me from my necessities. Psalm 24:17, (Douay). I adapted the medieval technique of cantus firmus, using the chant as a slow-moving bass line in the outer sections, and creating elaborate polyphony around the chant (presented prominently by the cello) during the middle section of the piece. I wrote most of Trouble during the summer of 2006.

Trouble has been performed subsequently by Alia Musica Pittsburgh and as part of a Symposium at Trinity Christian College title The Psalms, the Arts, and Worship.

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